Sunday, January 20, 2013

And the winner is....

Proud of all of you and what you accomplished last year.  The winner is......Harvey! Good work on your 533 workouts last year!  Pam, good job being the runner up you had an amazing number of workouts not too far behind.  You both whooped the rest of us, or at least me by A LOT! Congratulations!!

This year the rules have changed.  Are you ready for it? We are going to set our own challenge.  Here are the rules:
1.) You set a goal for yourself for the whole year.
2.) It must be a reasonable goal- i.e. if you have 50 lbs to lose then don't say "I want to lose 25 lbs", or if you want to run a 1/2 marathon then don't say "I want to run a mile", please set a reasonable, attainable goal- not too hard, not too easy.
3.) Write a blog post with your name and what your year long goal is
4.) We will have monthly challenges/check ins/small goal setting and reaching contests
5.) If you are in this year please write a blog post by Jan 31st, so that we can kick things off on February 1st
6.) As always questions, comments, emails, phone calls, texts always encouraged and welcomed.
7.) This is a place to motivate, inspire, and encourage one another so let's get started and HAVE FUN!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fellow "get-fitters"!  Hope it is off to a great start for you.  Are there any of you that would like to turn in your total work out numbers for last year?  I will give everyone until Monday Jan 14th and if I haven't heard from anyone I will announce the winner from the people who sent me their number of workouts.

I would love to continue this as I have big goals and dreams for this year but seems as though at this point I may be on my own.  Is anyone that participated last year wanting to go for a new challenge this year?  If you are in, then please leave a comment below, or email me.  I want this year to be epic!

I am proud of what all of you did in 2012! I know that I learned a lot about myself, while having fun with all of you even though a lot of you are far away.  I hope you are each proud of what you accomplished last year but if there are things you want to change (definitely speaking for myself here) then lets get going in 2013.

Let me know who is in and who is out.

To another great year of fitness, and health.  To 2013!  Cheers!

xoxo, Marianne

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am so embarrassed as I became huge and pregnant I let all of my fellow "get fitters" drift off- sorry!! We can still finish this year out strong especially being able to show discipline through the crazy holiday season.
So let's have a challenge...while exercising this fall snap a couple pics of what you see around you while you are working out, give us an update of your current situation, and give us a great goal that you want to meet by Thanksgiving- which gives you three and a half weeks.
I will start with my update...I gained two pounds through the pregnancy (because I lost some at first), so I was pretty excited to get on the scale last week and see that I was down 20lbs from where I had been in January. I haven't been exercising and I still will not be cleared for much activity until 8 weeks postpartum but in the meantime I can walk and swim.
My goals for the next three and a half weeks are to walk at least three times per week, lose 5 lbs, and drink a ton more water.
What are you up to? What are your goals? And I can't wait to see pics!

...there will be a prize for the person who meets their goal, and shares on here with updates and pics.

Happy getting back into the swing of things!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello Fellow Workout Specialist and Weight Loss Experts! :)  I am late again on my six weeks post, we are already half way through the next one...big surprise, huh!?

I did reach my goal of working out everyday and I wanted to lose six pounds- I was able to lose 8. 

My workouts were walk 92 miles, wallyball 22 hrs, full court basketball 6 hrs, and trike 158 miles.

My goal for this six weeks is to lose six pounds and keep up on all the workouts except maybe the basketball.  Back to back wallyball one night and basketball the next makes my knees angry.

Anyway, we are into the second half of the year now.  I know that I will fail to lose the same amount of weight in the second half as the first half but I plan to continue working out everyday.  I was a little concerned about July 4th and all that goes with that, as far as eating but I did get out of Connell without eating one Burger Factory burger, which should be against the law. :)  I did have three small cones though, but none of them were swirl (that's a joke with my wife-she's been asking them everytime we go there for years and they did have it 20 yrs ago but never since and they don't plan to but it doesn't stop her from asking them). :)

Another challenge coming up soon is convention.  It is not a problem to get my walk in early every morning (which I have been doing for years) but working in the kitchen is a huge challenge for eating, too because you have all of this food right in front of you, all the time and extra treats, etc.  I am going to do my best.

One thing I wish I could do with everybody is take them on a trike ride- it is the best and most fun way I have found to workout, yet.  I absolutely love it!

Enough babbling for now.  I'll post again maybe in 3 weeks but probably 2-3 weeks late again. :)

Go fat burners- hee ha!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, hello :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Sorry, I have been slacking on the posts lately.

I hit the reset button this week and have been mixing things up since I have had a few days off and it has been great - I feel rejuvenated and my muscles are enjoying the change too! Today, I even got to swim this morning which I have been craving so that was fun!

Nothing really new or exciting, but just wanted to check in and say hi:)  Hope everyone is doing well!

Hugs, Brenda:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone!! I just thought I would check in quick this morning. Yesterday was the end of another Weight Watchers week for mom and I. I've managed to get in my 25 activity points so far every week of these six weeks. For the last two weeks I have exceeded the 25. We are still walking during our two 15 min breaks and lunch break at work. The last couple of days have been very hot and muggy so we have been walking the halls and stairwells of our building. For our "real" workouts mom and I have been making good use of the pool. Judging by the scale this morning, it's paying off!! I hope every one has a great day!! Jaime Jo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi, it's me Anna=)

Oh my.  It's the prodigal daughter returning with her tails between her legs.  (Where's my robe & fatted calf?)  Heh heh - only kidding 

I do return with results but I have still not mastered this working out thing yet. 

BUT since february, I have lost 13 pounds!!!  All is being attributed to better eating habits & cutting out the naughty stuff - all that yummy goodness Harv wrote about... ughhhh

I have had a lot of success with 'lean cuisines' at lunch vs. eating fast food (better for my budget too!)  They are usually between 250 & 350 cals - pretty tasty & lots of 'options' so you don't get bored eating the same thing over & over.  Yes, they have a lot of sodium, but they don't contain preservatives so I like that. 

I'm also taking a multivitamin + cal/mag/D + ocean essentials (omega-3 fatty acids) + complex for hair, skin & nails.  Even if it's just in my head it feels good to invest in my health & I think I have more energy as a result.  (it's not as tough to get myself out of bed in the morning). 

I honestly can't believe the scale says what it says - i have put myself on 3 different ones just to *make sure* the jokes not on me...

When I start working out (because I WILL) i will definitely be checking back in... gotta tone up the jiggly parts... haha


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Good Afternoon...We have been in Tri-Cities for almost a week now.  I'm on Daniel's antiquated computer (I can say that because we gave it to him and it was OLD then :)  I knew travelling would be a challege for getting exercise in, but HAPPY there is a fitness center where he and Malia live.  Have managed to use it everyday.  I thought it would be SUMMER when we came but it is FREEZING here so far :(  It's an older apartment complex (but nice) and the long slats on the the windows literally "blow around" when the wind blows when the windows are, its actually not very 'air tight'  Tom said it nicely, when the wind blows it sounds like you're out on the prairie on the homestead and the wind is just hear the whistle...So happy to see you all are doing so good...Donna, Jamie and Brenda.  We saw Harvey and Linda, Brenda and Neil at Walla Walla Convention, Michael, Marianne, and Hannah too :) and they're all looking great.  Neil is over here visiting Daniel this weekend too :) What fun! Keep up the good work everyone!

Jaime Jo

Happy Saturday everone!!  We've had a busy week here in Mpls.  Kylie and Terry and their two dogs came to the cities on Monday and are staying until Wednesday for a little birthday vacation.  We went to the Twins vs Cubs game last night and are going again this afternoon.  It is VERY hard to eat healthy at Target Field!!  They have so many deliciously naughty food choices!!  :)

I have been doing pretty good.  I am getting in my water every day and managed to get in my 25 activity points last week (my WW week is Wednesday to Tuesday) by going to the pool with Kylie and Mom a couple of times and doing lots of walking during my breaks at work.  I am off to a good start again this week as well.  It is supposed to be about 91 degrees today and our seats at the game this afternoon are directly in the sun.  So, I expect to sweat off a few pounds today!!  ;)

I hope everyone is doing great!!
Jaime Jo